Master of Business Administration


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The MBA program of Purbanchal University designed at 70 credit hours with 26 course components including internship project or thesis is a full-time program directed at preparing professional managers for the business and non-business sectors. The program’s focus is on developing managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities of students through the curricular and co-curricular activities.


The MBA program specifically aims to prepare professional managers for the business and non-business sectors, develop entrepreneurs capable of evaluating risks and taking challenges in the emerging global business environment andinculcate knowledge, skill, and attitude in students so that they become scientifically approached, result oriented, and socially responsive management professionals.


Non Credit Course for Non Management Background Students

(Extensive Classes for 15 Days)

NC-1: Qualitative Skills for Business Studies

NC-2: Accounting Knowledge for Managers


Semester I:                                                                                                    17credit hours

FO-511: Quantitative Skills for Business Studies                                                       2

FO-512: Managerial Communications                                                                       2

FO-513: Managerial Economics and Decision Making                                             2

FO-514: Legal Environment of Business                                                                   2

CO-515: OrganisationalBehaviour and Leadership Skills                                          3

CO-516: Marketing for Managers                                                                              3

CO-517: Financial Accounting                                                                                   3

Semester II:                                                                                                   20 credit hours

CO-521: Management Accounting                                                                            3

CO-522: Macro Economics and Policy Making                                                        3

CO-523: Financial Management and Analysis                                                           3

CO-524: Operations Management                                                                             3

CO-525: Human Resource Management                                                                  3

CO-526: Business Research                                                                                      3

SE-521: Seminar Series I (By College)                                                                      2


Semester III:                                                                                                  15 credit hours

CO-531: Management Information System and e-commerce                                  3

CO-532: Organization Change and Design                                                                2

CO-533: Entrepreneurship                                                                                         2

SE-531:  Seminar Series II (By College)                                                                    2

XX-531: Specialization I and                                                                                       3

XX-532: Specialization II                                                                                             3


Semester IV:                                                                                                  18 credit hours

CA-541: Strategic Management                                                                                 3

CA-542: International Business                                                                                  2

XX-54x: Specialization III                                                                                            3

XX-54x: Specialization IV and                                                                                    3

XX-54x: Specialization V: Seminar (By College)                                                       2

IN-Internship/Thesis                                                                                                    5

Finance                                                                                                          14 credit hours


  1. Specialization I: FN-531: Financial Theory and Corporate Policy
  2. Specialization II: FN-532: Capital Structure Management

Semester -4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)

  1. Specialization III: FN-543: Security Analysis and Investment Management


  1. Specialization III: FN-544: Management of Financial Institution
  2. Specialization IV: FN-545: Financial Derivatives and Engineering


  1. Specialization IV:FN-546: International Financial Management
  2. Specialization Seminar: FN-547: Seminar on Finance (By College)

Marketing                                                                                                       14 credit hours

            Semester -3

  1. Specialization I: MK-531: Consumer Behavior
  2. Specialization II: MK-532: Marketing Research


Sem-4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)

  1. Specialization III: MK-543: Planning and Managing Retail Business


  1. Specialization III: MK-544: Sales and Distribution Management
  2. Specialization IV: MK-545: Services and Industrial Marketing


  1. Specialization IV: MK-546: Advertising Management
  2. Specialization Seminar: MK-547: Seminar on Marketing (By College)

Human Resource Management                                                                  14 credit hours

Semester -3

  1. Specialization I: HR-531: Human Resource Planning and Development
  2. Specialization II: HR-532: Industrial Labor and Managerial Relations

Semester-4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)

  1. Specialization III: HR-543: Compensation Management


4.Specialization III: HR-544: Performance Management: Systems and Strategies

  1. Specialization IV: HR-545: Industrial and Labor Legislation


  1. Specialization IV: HR-546: Strategic Human Resource Management
  2. Specialization Seminar: HR-547: Seminar on HRM (By College)

International Business                                                                                 14 credit hours

Semester -3

  1. Specialization I: IB-531: International Business Environment
  2. Specialization II: IB-532: Export Import Management

Semester-4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)

  1. Specialization III: IB-543: Intellectual Property Rights


  1. Specialization III:IB-544: International Marketing
  2. Specialization IV: IB-545: International Financial Management


  1. Specialization IV: IB-546: Strategies of Multinational Companies
  2. Specialization Seminar: IB-547: Seminar on HRM

Production and Supply Chain Management (P&SCM)                            14 credit hours


  1. Specialization I: PS-531: Purchasing and Material Management
  2. Specialization II: PS-532: Designing and Managing the Supply Chain


Semester -4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)

  1. Specialization III: PS-543: Production Planning and Control


  1. Specialization III: PS-544: Warehouse and Inventory Management
  2. Specialization IV: PS-545: Facility Location Management


  1. Specialization IV: PS-546: Network Design
  2. Specialization Seminar: PS-547: Seminar on P&SCM